Welcome to what I’m most passionate about…

Creating, curating, and sharing all things that inspire, motivate and move people to take action to be their personal best.

The Oxford dictionary defines personal best as… “the best time or score ever achieved by an athlete in a particular event.”

How I choose to define and share all things personal best is… “better than anything you’ve been, seen, done, and eaten*.”

I have no idea how what I’m sharing will occur for you, but it’s my hope that it causes you to be touched, moved and inspired to create a new possibility for living whatever personal best looks like for you in your life.

*I know “eaten” seems a little odd for my definition, but if you read my bio, you’ll see that food has been, and always will be a big part of my personal best life.


What inspires me?

Anything and everything that inspires and motivates me to take action to live the rest of my life, as the best of my  life.

And the common thread of action that really inspires me is… beginning… I’m an expert beginner, practicing at being an expert finisher.


My beginnings up till now…

Born in Cleveland. Grew up in Maryland. At 18 headed to New York City. Attended Parsons School of Design where I met my wife Kim. Got married in St. Patrick’s Cathedral 34+years ago. And my proudest beginning ever is our daughter Jennifer 31 and our son Matthew 26.

Here you can check out my career beginnings and finishing at my pretty up to date LinkedIn profile if that’s what you’re looking for.

But chances are if you’re reading this far, you’re trying to get some background and insights to see if I might be a fit for your health & wellness thought leadership needs, be it a keynote, an event or you’re looking for a wellness ambassador for your product, service or company.

So let’s get right to it, one of the most amazing life changing beginnings that happened in September 2010…

Selected from over 250,000 people, having our lives played out every week in front of 15,000,000 people, my daughter Jennifer and I were contests


Jay Jacobs, a 56-year-old serial entrepreneur from West Orange, NJ, was a contestant on the eleventh season of NBC’s hit weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser. Known as one of the strongest teams to beat, Jay and his daughter, Jen, were the Green Team and lost a combined total of 295 pounds on the show! Jay, He started to put on weight as a child, but the greatest weight gain came as an adult. Before the show, Jay called himself “functionally fat” and had tried to lose weight his whole adult life. He had even lost over 100 pounds several times—only to gain it all back. In the fall of 2009, he hit his highest weight of 435 pounds.

NBC Biggest Loser FIRST DAY Interview

8 months later…

NBC Biggest Loser FINALE Interview

Jay tried out for The Biggest Loser because it was his daughter Jennifer’s dream. Soon, though, Jay came to find out that he needed the show even more than Jennifer did. Chosen from a casting call of over 250,000 hopefuls, Jay started the show at 400 pounds. Affectionately tagged by world-renowned trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as the “man with nine lives,” Jay barely made it onto the show after being diagnosed with near fatal heart arrhythmia due to a severe case of sleep apnea. Never finishing first, but always finishing strong no matter what challenge was set before him, Jay became one of America’s favorite contestants. In fact, against all odds and competing against an Olympic Gold Medalist, Jay made it to the coveted Final Four as the only man left standing and after losing an amazing 181 pounds in just eight months.

Now, this father of two wears XL instead of 5X; doesn’t need a seat belt extender; easily fits into restaurant booths; works out six days a week; Spins; practices hot yoga; runs Spartan races; and completed the New York City marathon with Jen and his son, Matthew, this past November.

In addition to being a managing partner of Shurn Group, his family-owned health and wellness branding and marketing firm, Jay has become a highly sought-after and very successful motivational speaker who inspires others to unlock their “Personal Best!”

Jennifers Speakers Website

Kims Speakers Website

Technically I’m 56, but I refer to myself as being 18 years young with 38 years of life experiences. And even though I honor and often refer to my 56 years of life experiences when I’m sharing something, I always do my best to stay present at all times with a beginners mind.

So when I started this site, it only seemed natural that my my first post was from the first daily musing from “365 Tao Daily Meditations “ by Deng Min-Dao. For me it embodies how I like to live into each day, and see and experience each opportunity that unfolds in that day.



This is the moment of embarking.

All auspicious signs are in place.

In the beginning, all things are hopeful. We prepare ourselves to start anew. Though we may be intent on the magnificent journey ahead, all things are contained in this first moment: our optimism, our faith, our resolution, our innocence.

In order to start, we must make a decision. This decision is a commitment to daily self-cultivation. We must make a strong connection to our inner selves. Outside matter are superfluous. Alone and naked we negotiate all of life’s travails. Therefore, we alone must make something of ourselves, transforming ourselves into the instruments for experiencing the deepest spiritual essence of life.

Once we make our decision, all things will come to us. Auspicious signs are not a superstition, but a confirmation. They are a response. It is said that if one chooses to pray to a rock with enough devotion, even that rock will come alive. In the same way, once we choose to commit ourselves to spiritual practice, even the mountains and valleys will reverberate to the sound of our purpose.

365 Tao Daily Meditations “ by Deng Min-Dao