my TEDx talk

TEDx gave me 9 mins to share the inspiration and story behind our families co-authored book, Smartphone Fit. It’s the story of how we’ve used, and still use our smartphones and social media to be mindful and accountable in losing weight, keeping it off, and taking our health to a whole new level. To date, as a family we’ve lost -450lbs, give or take a few…

“Smartphone Fit” was concieved during my time as a very successful contestant on NBC’s hit reality weight loss show, Biggest Loser. Chosen out of 250,000 people, my daughter Jennifer [losing-114lbs], and I  [losing -181lbs, making the coveted Final 4] were known as the Green Team. And if that wasn’t enough of a gift, because of how the producers chose to set the story line involving family members that season, my wife Kim, and son Matthew appeared on the show multiple times, and started on their own wellness journeys to support Jennifer and I.

In one episode, after extensive medical testing, Dr. Huizenga called Kim out in front of 15,000,000 people to let her know that she needed to lose -90lbs. Well Kim not only took on that challenge, she has exceeded the Dr.s orders by losing -105lbs on her own. And with a look of shock and awe appearing on my makeover episode, seeing my transformation after being away for months, Matthew not only decided to get healthy by losing -50lbs himself, he became so inspired that he shifted his career path from international business to health & wellness.

For us, Biggest Loser has truly became a family “wellness” affair.

My life changing experience on Biggest Loser, and the three years of my “after-reality” wellness journey, my families amazing wellness transformation, along with coaching others, and speaking to audiences all over the world, has given me a clear understanding what gets us off track from living life well, and most important, how to help people get back on track and actually enjoy it all in the process.

I love sharing with audiences how becoming “Smartphone Fit” can change their life, but I’ve also created an ever-expanding portfolio of health & wellness keynotes and seminars to inspire and educate individuals, families, care takers, companies and even medical professionals, on how to live healthier lives, and create healthy environments and communities as well. as well.

Every keynote or seminar I share contains the core ideas that I know are life-changing. But being a strategist at my core, I never do a pre-packaged off the shelf presentation. Before every engagement I spent countless hours interviewing, researching, preparing and creating a presentation that truly speaks to that audience.

Here are overviews from two of my recent keynotes…

What You’re For Strengthens You!

Learn the secret to unlocking your Personal Best!

Eating right, getting regular exercise, and living at a healthy weight gives all of us the best shot at living a long and healthy life. We all know that, but why don’t we live that?

Through his story of physical, mental, and spiritual transformation on and after his appearance on the reality show The Biggest Loser, Jay shares how he came to learn that there are two “You’s” that control everything in our lives: A “You” that can strengthen us and a “You” that can weaken us. The only real roadblocks to unlocking YOUr “Personal Best” in all the areas of YOUr life are with YOUrself. And as we all know, that’s the toughest opponent we face every day.

Jay sets the bar high for himself and his presentations—he wants to change people’s lives. Moved and motivated by his story, audience members will leave Jay’s program with the tools to begin to unlock their Personal Best!

shift from weight loss to wellness 

fat, it’s all in your head…

Eating right, getting regular exercise, and living at a healthy weight give all of us the best shot at living a long and healthy life. We all know that, but why don’t we live that?

Learn how to “shift” your thinking and move from temporary weight loss to life-long wellness. By changing eating habits and exercise beliefs, audiences learn how to develop a wellness mindset. Through positive, long-term thinking and behavioral changes, people can embrace a balanced lifestyle and become healthy and fit for life!

this is just the tip of the iceberg…

If want I’ve shared has peaked your interest and you’d like to see some of my others presentation overviews, video clips or testimonials. or you’re looking to create a special health & wellness event, keynote or seminar and you’d like to explore how I might be able to help you strategize on making it be all you want to be please feel free to call me at 973-580-7476 or email me at or if you just make to get right to it and book me just reach out to my speakers bureau and let’s work together to get some people healthy!


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